I’m Actually Doing This!!

Well Hello Everyone! My name is Theresa and this is my blog! My mind is as scrambled as the eggs I made this morning (and just as cheesy), so I have decided to make this into a lifestyle blog. Here I will be sharing some of the most random, yet connected, information to help us all figure out this little thing called life. Life is rather random, isn’t it? I suppose I’m fitting in with it already. Go Me!

Let’s go ahead and get some personal information out there. I have been a factory worker, retail worker, maid, door-mat, planner, referee, cook, chauffer, crafter, tutor, tear wiper, lecture giver, finder of lost things…. Oh, excuse me, I seem to have rambled on into my Mommy resume there.

What I boil down to is this; I am not afraid to work long, difficult hours in a factory, but what I am afraid of is missing out on my children growing up.  For most of my son’s life, I have been away from him chasing after hours on  a paycheck. Though I was very proud of my work ethic and enjoyed myself at work (as much as one can), I felt guilty for leaving my true meaning behind.

Now that our two oldest are both 9 years old, we have finally decided to dial back our way of living in order to live a better life. Does that make sense to anyone else? My wonderful other half is with me on this decision. We found that if we don’t spend ANYTHING extra, we can just barely survive on one income. This is not something we’re used to, so I’m sure we will end up covering that from time to time on here. Let me tell you, the paycheck of a humble factory worker is not much, but together we decided that his two boys, along with my son, were better off being raised by us rather than babysitters (which we honestly couldn’t afford even with two incomes).

There we are. I’m glad we got that out of the way. Tired of hearing me go through the boring stuff? So is my son who is now listening to me edit this out loud. Poor, poor child. 🙂