Mermaid Infant Crochet Costume

Recently I had the great pleasure of creating a mermaid outfit for a fantastic little fighter. This amazing little bundle of joy has only been allowed home for 2 weeks in her 8 months on this earth. I tried my best to make this outfit as adaptable to her hospital equipment as possible.

Below you’ll see what I created and at the end of this post, I will include the pictures provided with the original patterns.

Mermaid Infant Crochet Costume

Front   Mermaid Infant Crochet Costume     Mermaid Infant Crochet Costume   Back

Mermaid Tail:

Well, you can’t be a mermaid without a tail, can you? For this tail, I took down the size of the pattern which also required me to lessen the tail stitch from a double crochet to a half-double crochet and only do one row per section instead of two. I hope that made at least a little bit of sense.

This was the pattern my aunt found and I fell in love with it myself. Hectanooga: Easy Crochet Mermaid Tail Pattern The link will lead you to the PDF pattern as well as a YouTube video explaining how it’s done. When she says it’s easy, she is not kidding! This thing was an absolute breeze to make!

To help with positioning and working around all of her essential equipment, I added a few buttons to the back. This way anything that needs to be tucked can be run through the gaps in the buttons.

Mermaid Infant Crochet Costume

The tail ended up being pretty warm too. I can see why so many people are interested in making a mermaid tail blanket!

Mermaid Bra:

Mermaid Infant Crochet Costume

You have no idea the amount of joy that came over me when I found this shell! It’s absolutely beautiful! The pattern is very easy to understand and her detailed step-by-step pictures are phenomenal! snovej: Nautilus Shell

To make this into a bra, I simply made two shells and added little handles in the back to run a slip stitch chain through.

Mermaid Infant Crochet Costume

Mermaid Infant Crochet Costume

For the slip stitch chain, I simply kept going until I reached the chest measurements I was given, then added about 16 inches so there would be plenty to tie into a bow.

I opted out of the halter top strap and the solid stretchy band because her little heart was being worked on and sensors needed to be kept in place. I also wanted to make sure that the awesome battle scar centered in her chest would be on display. That’s one to be proud of!

A Crown Fit for a Sea Princess:

Mermaid Infant Crochet Costume

Domestic Bliss Squared: Crochet Newborn Crown was the best pattern I found for this crown. Because I’m absolutely no good when it comes to arithmetic, I appreciated the sizing suggestion she put on there. Instead of using cotton yarn, I used acrylic so that it would match the tail and bra colors of pink. I agree with using cotton yarn for tiny crowns, however, because it does stand on it’s own a lot better than acrylic.

To jazz it up a bit and tie it in with the rest of the outfit, I added slip stitch rows of green and gold. Oh, and some cute little shells!

I created the shell pattern which can be found here: Tiny Shell Crochet Pattern . I also have a YouTube video there showing how it’s done.

A Mermaid’s Best Friend:

I couldn’t pass up adding a little companion for mermaid royalty.

Mermaid Infant Crochet Costume : Octopus

Do you really want to know what drew me in to this pattern? It said, “NO SEW!!!”  I had been on a rather long Amigurumi kick before making this outfit. Sewing on parts and weaving in ends were starting to consume even my nightmares. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw those two magical little words.

Here it is ladies and gentleman, the oh so wonderful no sew pattern!!! K Hook Creations: Tiny Octopus Amigurumi

After making this octopus and having so much fun doing it, I told my other half that I wanted to make an Octopi army! He just gave me that look he usually gives me when I get overly excited about crafting. He’s so supportive of my strangeness.

Mermaid Infant Crochet Costume: Octopus

I love how he’s camouflaged in this picture!

Here are some of the original pictures from each artist’s page that were kind enough to provide their patterns for free!

1. Easy Crochet Mermaid Tail by Hectanooga:

Mermaid Infant Crochet Costume : Tail Pattern

2. Nautilus Shell Crochet Pattern by snovej:

Mermaid Infant Crochet Costume: Nautilus Shell Pattern

3. Crochet Newborn Crown by Domestic Bliss Squared:

Mermaid Infant Crochet Costume: Crown Pattern

4. No-Sew Tiny Octopus by K Hook Creations:

Mermaid Infant Crochet Costume and Octopus Pattern 

Thanks for sticking around for this post. I hope you enjoyed this little different take on a mermaid costume/photo prop/blanket. Don’t forget to keep scrolling down to see what other little treasures may be lurking around this website. Find me on Facebook (No real searching required the link is on this page. Yes, the one you’re looking at now!) and you’ll see whenever a new post goes up.

Mermaid Infant Crochet Pattern



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