Sarlacc Pit Cake: I Tried It At Home

Greetings all! My other half is a huge Star Wars nerd and today happens to be his birthday. What better way to celebrate then with a Star Wars themed cake? After making a couple different character cakes in the past, I had to surprise him with a new one. Pinterest for the win! I would love to link to the posts that inspired me, but there were so many! I simply searched for “Star Wars cakes” and then narrowed it down by typing in “Sarlacc Pit Cake.” I took the idea and adapted it to the supplies that I already had on hand, then came up with my own way of making this pit of everlasting doom!

Sarlacc Pit Cake

I’m not a big fan of making my own cake mix from scratch and that’s simply because I lack the counter and cabinet space to do so. So, for this cake, I enlisted my other half’s favorite flavor: German Chocolate!

Sarlacc Pit Cake

This step is very simple, mix the cake according to the directions on the box and pour it into a Bundt pan. Make sure you coat the sides with shortening and bit of flour so it doesn’t stick on the way back out. Most boxes come with specific timing directions for Bundt pans.

Sarlacc Pit Cake

Oh, it smells absolutely delicious!! Allow the cake to cool for about 10-15 minutes on a wire rack before removing from the cake pan. You can also do a little bit of leveling before removing. I didn’t grab a picture of that. I always save those mounded parts I cut off for myself since I love cake without icing.  Mmmmm!

Sarlacc Pit Cake

Allow that sucker to cool in the refrigerator for a bit before frosting. A light layer of German Chocolate Frosting (Coconut Pecan Frosting) and Graham Cracker Crumbs are going to give it that dessert look. This is Tatooine, after all!

Sarlacc Pit Cake

After putting a light layer of Coconut Pecan Frosting on the cake, it’s time to make a mess! Anakin knows all to well how the sand gets everywhere! To help keep it somewhat contained, I used a candy making funnel. It actually worked pretty well!

Sarlacc Pit Cake

Tilt the cake and make sure you coat as much of it as you can. If there ends up being a large mound of crumbs in the center hole, don’t worry about it. That will actually help with the placement of the Sarlacc itself. I found it looks better if there are crumbs on the serving plate as well. Putting a small amount of frosting along the bottom of the cake where it meets the plate helps keep it contained… kind of.

Sarlacc Pit Cake

If you’re looking for a cake that allows you to keep your hands clean, this is not the cake for you. If you enjoy licking your fingers before washing them for the 10th time, then you’re in luck. Placing the teeth is pretty fun. Slivered almonds simply pushed into the cake give it that awesome authentic look. Trust me, Star Wars fans generally appreciate authenticity, but most will also enjoy a good cake no matter what it looks like. Sunflower seeds may work here as a substitution if a nut allergy is a worry.

Sarlacc Pit Cake

Now, on to the omnivorous pit creature! Here I used black candy melts only because I didn’t have the time to run out and buy brown candy melts. Honestly, the black didn’t turn out too bad. I have the absolute worst luck when it comes to candy melts. I don’t know what it is about them, but we do not get along very well. I bought a silicone microwavable bottle, melting bags, boilers, you name it, but nothing works as well as my thrown together “double boiler.” A simple metal bowl from the dollar store thrown on a pot of boiling water seems to work the best for me. Make sure the bowl isn’t floating on the water. The heat of the steam is what’s going to melt your candy. Stir often so the candy doesn’t burn.

Sarlacc Pit Cake

Between stirs, blow up a few water balloons. I made sure to make more than I needed since I’ve very disaster prone. You’ll see why this was a good idea in a minute. Just to be on the safe side, I put a light layer of coconut oil on the balloons after washing them off. If anyone has a better solution for making these non-stick, please share it in the comments below.

Sarlacc Pit Cake

The consistency of the melted candy is up to you, but I left mine a little chunky so there would be a bit of texture. After dipping them in the hot candy, place the balloons right side up in a cupcake tin then into the refrigerator they go. I learned my lesson about putting hot candy straight in the freezer. I’m known to be a little impatient when I’m excited and all of my candy from a previous project cracked in half. Woe is me!

Sarlacc Pit CakeOk, remember when I said it was a good idea to make more than needed? That’s why. The one at the top suffered a terrible crumbling fate and the balloon stuck to both. Oh yummy… latex chocolate… Not!  Another lesson learned in the patience category. Even if the candy seems cool to the touch, let it harden for more than 8 minutes. I would suggest at least 20 minutes of cooling before attempting to pop the balloons unless you want to end up with the above.

Sarlacc Pit CakeOk, after suffering defeat and having to place my last two balloons back in the fridge, I decided to get the tentacles ready. I had these little lunchbox treats already on hand. They were stiff enough to stand on their own which made them perfect for the cake. Cut them in a “tentacle-y” fashion  and place them in the center of the cake. Bury the bottoms in that extra crumb mound if you wish.  There were more than four tentacles in the movie, but I pulled out my light saber and cut a few off for effect. More than four tentacles covered up the teeth and they were too cool to be overshadowed.

Sarlacc Pit CakeFinally! The balloons were ready to be popped!! Nothing special was needed to hold them in place. I’m getting excited all over again looking at these pictures!

Sarlacc Pit Cake

The final touch, Jabba the Hutt himself overlooking the Great Pit of Carkoon.

When Shawn came home from work, I greeted him in the parking lot wearing a Boba Fett hoodie that covered my face. Equipped with a voice changer, I came up behind him and said, “Citizen. By order of Jabba the Hutt I am to take you directly to the Sarlacc Pit.” I may have scared the living daylights out of him, but there was cake inside. Cake made all the anger go away. 🙂

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