10 Ghoulishly Awesome DIY Halloween Decorations

The time is ever nearing. The chill in the air. The sound of leaves under your feet. The smell of pumpkins. Unrecognizable small humans running amuck. A scream comes from off in the distance. A chuckle comes from underneath my frosted breath. IT’S HALLOWEEN!

Oh, I can’t wait! To satisfy the urge for a little while, I’m putting together some of the best Halloween DIY ideas that I could find.

10 Ghoulishly Awesome DIY Halloween Decorations

10 Ghoulishly Awesome DIY Halloween Decorations

 10 Goulishly Awesome DIY Halloween Decorations

Found nestled in the displays of the CHA trade show by Something Created Everyday, this lighted hand sculpture looks to be ready to light your way into another realm.

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This site is in another language, but the picture seems to be clear enough. How awesome and simple! I can imagine an entire army of these little guys helping with the place setting or buffet table. Source Page: Skonahem

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Have an old pair of jeans or a thrift store near by? Awesome! Have an extra can of Tuff Stuff tucked away from when you had that leaky sink issue? Fantastic! Now all you need is a little bit of paint and you’re good to go! Tuff Stuff is way to fun to only do household repairs with and it seems that True Blue Me and You had the same idea.

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Yay! A dollar store craft! Gotta love those! Four Front Doors has the tutorial showing how you can make your very own Skeleton Dish on the cheap!

10 Goulishly Awesome DIY Halloween Decorations

This Craftster Forum outlines the details of how this zombie prop was made. Maybe a Freddy Kruger hand would be excellent in there as well!

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This one has been on my to-do list for a while. I can never seem to remember where I put those old vitamin bottles. I know I have them hidden somewhere in my hoarder crafting pile. I have, however, tried the concept of glue letters and it worked fantastically well. I’ll be putting a post up about my progress on that in the next week. eHow has the tutorial on how these witch potion bottles were made.

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Have you ever done a load of fluffy blankets in your laundry and the lint screen looks like you haven’t cleaned it in months? Don’t throw that away! That’s right, I said don’t send the remains of your cremated socks and dog hair into the trash. Instead, use them to make Halloween moss! This About Post will show you how to not only turn lint into moss, but how to make your decorative tombstones look like they came from an age far gone.

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The skeleton vase on Sew Woodsy uses the same dollar store skeleton garland that I used on my Halloween Wreath . This vase reminds me of pirates for some reason. Perhaps because we always seem to find them fastened to a tree on a remote island. Perhaps going in a pirate type direction with a little treasure chest and pirate flags in the bouquet might be what I transform this DIY into.

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I’m actually in the process of making these right now out of shipping tubes. Running out of glue kind of put a damper on my progress. The House of Dewberry Tutorial will show you all you need to know about making these cheap, yet very awesome Halloween decorations. When you need authentic looking candles, but don’t feel like setting all of your spider webs on fire, this is a fantastic route to take.

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There were so many awesome pictures of this one that it was difficult to decide which one I should feature on here. Dollar store skeletons turned Halloween costume awards! She has some fantastic ideas for year-round display of these as well. I know in my house, some Halloween decorations stay up all year. Go on over and check out the tutorial on 102 Wicked Things to Do.

I’m very sure there is going to be a part two to this post. I love Halloween so, so much!! Please stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and join my Facebook to see when more debauchery occurs! Don’t worry, I won’t fill your inbox to the brim. I’m much too busy creeping through the cemetery for inspiration to do that!

Above images are not my own. All of these lovely pictures belong to their awesome creators. Thank goodness for crafty people sharing what they do!

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