“Mostly” Dollar Store Halloween DIY Wreath

Is it just me, or does coming home to Halloween decorations bring a smile to your face? I know I count down the days until it is “acceptable” to break out my tote and go to town! I was able to make this Halloween wreath in one evening and for less than $10! You can’t beat that with a bat! Hehe.. “Bat”

DIY Halloween Wreath

(Made mostly from the Dollar Store!!)

"Mostly" Dollar Store Halloween Wreath DIY

I love walking around the dollar store when Halloween hits. Actually just about any holiday can spark my creativity in there. As I wander in and out of the aisles, I think of unique and different uses for everything that I see. I always remember my crafty mother telling me that, “Just because it’s made for one thing doesn’t mean it can’t be used for another.” This is one of her lessons I don’t mind applying.

When it comes to wreaths, I don’t really have that much experience, but in trying to branch out, I bought a wire wreath form from the clearance section at a craft store. They sell these same forms at Wal-Mart for pretty cheap too. It had sat in a box, just waiting for a creative flare up for months. When I saw the combination of black boa, skeleton garland, and black roses, I finally knew just what kind of life that wire form was going to live.



  1. Wire Wreath Form (we covered that one, right? 🙂 )
  2. Long Black Boa or 2 Shorter Ones. Hey, they’re from the dollar store, might as well grab two, right?
  3. Skeleton Garland (I bought the kind that already had a jute type cord stringing them together)
  4. Jute/Hemp Cord if this doesn’t already come with your skeletons
  5. 2-3 Groups of Fake Black and Purple Roses
  6. Floral Wire
  7. Bread Bag Ties (The floral wire may work here too, but I liked the grip of the bag ties)
  8. Hot Glue Gun or another strong adhesive such as Superglue or Adhesive Putty


Here it is, the famed wire wreath form. Well, half of it anyway. It is a complete circle.

Mostly Dollar Store DIY Halloween Wreath (2)

I had some wired bag ties lying around in my hoarder craft corner. They gained their black color by way of Sharpie.

Mostly Dollar Store DIY Halloween Wreath (3)


Attach the black boa to the wire form with the bread ties

Mostly Dollar Store DIY Halloween Wreath (4)

Cut down rose stems and remove the leaves. The leaves should slide right off.

Mostly Dollar Store DIY Halloween Wreath (6)

Feed a piece of wire through the leaf section.

Mostly Dollar Store DIY Halloween Wreath (7)

Slide the leaves back onto the rose stems with the wire still in place. Try to center the wire so there is enough to twist around the wreath form.

Mostly Dollar Store DIY Halloween Wreath (8)

Here’s what I thought would be the tricky part, but I found that I am eerily good at tying a tiny hangman’s knot. Remove the skeletons from the jute garland and use this jute to make an itsy bitsy little noose. So much fun! If you don’t know how to tie this knot, fear not! This YouTube Video can help. Make sure to leave a decent amount of string at the top to knot on to the wreath.

Mostly Dollar Store DIY Halloween Wreath (5)

Now all you have to do is wire tie the flowers to your wreath and cut any extra stem that would prevent you from displaying your masterpiece. I went a little further with securing the roses by hot gluing around where the wire and stem met the leaves. I’m pretty paranoid about things falling apart. The roses looked like they could just slide right out before the glue. They haven’t yet. Superglue or even adhesive putty would probably work pretty well there too.

Oh, and who could forget? Hang your little pre-deceased figures at different lengths to fill up the center of your wreath!

Mostly Dollar Store DIY Halloween Wreath (9)

I grouped my flowers on the side opposite to where the boa overlapped. They are great for covering up any thin areas of the boa.

I’ve received a lot of compliments on my wreath and all for under $10! Who says Halloween decorations need to be expensive?

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