10 Back to School Crochet Patterns

While the little ones are not really looking forward to going back to school, I know some of us parents are pretty excited! Why not make some awesome home-made gifts for to keep their spirits up? I’m thinking of giving a present a week for the first month to the kids, simply for them “surviving” school. Let’s go ahead and hop in there, shall we?

10 Back to School Crochet Patterns

10 Free Back to School Crochet Patterns


1. Apple Shaped Treat Pouch

10 Back To School Crochet Patterns -- Treat Bag

Some sweets for the sweets. Pattern Paradise joined two apple coasters together to create this Treat Pouch .


2. Crayon Keeper

10 Back To School Crochet Patterns -- Crayon Keeper

Sunflowers at home created this pattern. This Crayon Keeper seems like it would be for more than just back to school. J is doing pretty decent with identifying like colors and this may be something to help. He’s also pretty bad with getting his crayons back in their bin when he is done with his masterpiece. Hopefully this will be a fun way for him to put them back up.


3. Shark Pouch!!

10 Back To School Crochet Patterns -- Shark Pouch

I just love Moogly! She created this Shark Pouch for her son and I believe I’m setting up to do the same. W has taken an odd amount of interest in my crochet projects since I’ve joined with the #CrochetGo movement. I think making him something different may spread his love for crafts. He loves sharks so much that he turned down an awesome present last year for his birthday to take a trip to the New Jersey Aquarium instead. They have Hammerheads!


4. Hand Sanitizer Cozy

10 Back to School Crochet Patterns -- Monster-Hand-Sanitizer-Cozies

I don’t know what it is about hand sanitizer and chap stick, but gremlins must love them! These things are constantly being lost around here. Micah Makes created this Hand Sanitizer Cozy which should not only help keep them in reach, but add a little bit of flair to backpacks. She has both male and female design ideas on her website.


5. Monster Tissue Cover

10 Back To School Crochet Patterns -- Monster Tissue Cover

For when your child has a monster cold or monster allergies, this Monster Tissue Cover is sure to put a smile on their face when grabbing yet another tissue. Annoo Crochet provided this free pattern on Ravelry.


6. Convertible Marker Caddy

10 Back To School Crochet Patterns -- Convertable Marker Caddy

Who doesn’t love dual purpose? Doddles and Jots made up this Convertible Marker Caddy pattern when she was tired of having her markers fall out of their store-bought case. I can definitely relate to that! Not only does this caddy keep them together, it folds down to become a stand up holder. How cool!


7. Minion Banana Cozy

10 Back To School Crochet Patterns -- Minion Banana Cozy

J has a love for many things, but two that stand above the rest are bananas and minions. Though having Cri Du Chat gives him a limited vocabulary, “a-nah-nas” are one of his favorite things to talk about. This Ravelry Pattern was posted by Lori-Anne Ketola and is sure to be a favorite of our little J.


8. Book-Rat Book Mark

10 Back to School Crochet Patterns -- Amigurumi-Book-Rat

I’m sure this little creature will make studying a little more fun! Supergurumi shared her Rat Bookmark pattern for free.


9. Owl Keychain

10 Back to School Crochet Patterns -- Owl Keychain

It was hard to narrow down an awesome key chain to put on this post, but there aren’t many animals out there as wise as the owl. This Ravelry Little Owl Pattern by Johanna Harjula would be a nice little addition to those plain-Jane zipper pulls, don’t you think?


10. Pokeball Pouch

10 Back to School Crochet Patterns -- Pokeball Pouch

There are so many uses for a small pouch when it comes to back to school. Lunch money, ear-buds, and loving notes from home are a few I can think of. Hillary Thompson put her Pokeball Drawstring Pouch on Ravelry.


I hope you’re little kiddos enjoy these back-to-school treats as much as you may enjoy making them! Happy Days of School Quiet Time, everyone!

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