Loom Knit Hemp Belt

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to show you the steps to make your very own Loom Knit Hemp Belt!

If you need any assistance in understanding this pattern, please let me know. I wasn’t a blogger when I made this, so my pictures and instructions are a bit vague. Also, I never measure. If I ever put anything on here with measurements, know that they are VERY important. Let’s Get Started!

Loom Knit Hemp Belt

Loom Knit Hemp Belt


Supplies Needed:

  • 1 Ball Medium Polished Hemp (I bought mine from Walmart for $5)
  • 1 Small Straight Knitting Loom with Pick
  • 1 3.5mm Crochet Hook
  • Belt Buckle (I upcyled mine from an old belt that I didn’t wear anymore)

Hemp Loom Knit Belt (1)

A Few Little Reminders and Hints Before We Get Going

  • Keep in mind that hemp is a very “hold your own” material. It does not shrink off of the loom like standard yarn.
  • Make sure that the width you put on your loom is belt loop size if you want to run it through your jeans.
  • This belt is more for decoration then actually holding your pants up. Crack kills!
  • Measure the length if you like, but I used the entire ball of yarn so that I could have extra to hang for decoration.
  • I (did) have a 32″ waist and have plenty of extra which I tuck back behind the belt and let it hand straight down.

Casting On:

While I do have a couple of pictures, it’s kind of hard to tell how to actually accomplish this. I found a couple of YouTube tutorials detailing casting on and actually knitting with the Figure 8 Stitch. This is the stitch that we will be using for the entire length of the belt.

Hemp Loom Knit Belt (2)

Start with a slip stitch and attach it to your starting post. The YouTube video says to tie it off to your anchor post, but alas, there is no anchor post on this loom.

Hemp Loom Knit Belt (3)

Here I have completed the first row of casting on.

Hemp Loom Knit Belt (4)

And now we’ve traced back over that row. Notice how the peg on the lower right corner is only wrapped once and the beginning post at the upper left is wrapped twice. That is a very crucial part of making this stitch work. Yes, I know from much experience and heartbreak that this is something that must be paid attention to. I made an entire scarf the wrong way and the whole thing fell apart. 🙁

Hemp Loom Knit Belt (5)

Now I have two loops on each post (except for that one, of course). You will knit this off as you would any other standard loom knit stitch by bringing the bottom loop over the top loop. Again, this material holds it’s own which also means it has a life of it’s own. I STRONGLY suggest using your thumbs to hold loops on this one or place a finger over the top like the picture below. The hemp will spring off when you least expect it. I can’t tell you how much I scolded it, out loud, while making this project!


Hemp Loom Knit Belt (6)

Here is the width I made for my belt, 5 posts. See how it doesn’t lose it’s size after being knitted? The above pictures of casting on showed the entire loom being used. This, I found out, was WAY too large.

Now that you’ve seen my pictures, here’s that YouTube Video I was talking about:



She doesn’t show you how to continue in this video, so I’ve found another by Kristen with Good Knit Kisses


Back to Amateur Hour:

Hemp Loom Knit Belt (7)

I found it very helpful to wrap the completed part of the belt with a rubber band to keep it under control. It will definitely get in the way and goodness help you if you have cats or curious toddlers!

Hemp Loom Knit Belt (8)

Place the center post or anchor post of the belt buckle down the center of your loom and cast off over top of it with the crochet method which, hey, I found another YouTube Video  for! This will secure the belt buckle to the belt.



Her method for sewing in the end will come in handy with making sure the belt is really secured to the buckle. I always fear my knitting and crocheting will fall apart, so I really go all in there with the binding off.

Hemp Loom Knit Belt (9)

After incorporating that end and weaving it in, you have your completed belt!

Hemp Loom Knit Belt (10)

Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoyed this “tutorial.” This project is a little time consuming due to the wild nature of the hemp, but it produces a very sturdy, very cool looking, and mostly natural belt.

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