Squirt Gun Painting With An Extra Twist

Hello everybody! Is everyone ready for a summer activity that will blow your mind? This one is just too awesome! Here we go!

Squirt Gun Painting with an Extra Twist

Squirt Gun Painting!!!

It’s sometimes a little difficult to find activities that fit everyone around here. I always have to worry about making things fair and actually interesting for all of the kids. The competitiveness only runs strong in one of our two older boys, so I always have to make sure that their skill levels are kept on the same playing field to avoid any, “Mine is better than yours” attitude.

This project was fantastic for that! No artistic skills required. At least not for the first part. I found the original inspiration for said part of this venture on Pinterest and have provided that link at the bottom of this post.  We felt we had to do the first step justice and kick it up a notch!


Squirt Gun Painting!!

  1. Dollar Store Water Guns
  2. Narrow Tipped Squeeze Bottles (I used candy decorating bottles as well as a hair dye applicator/shaker)
  3. Washable Paint
  4. Spare Water (I filled up an empty and already washed out hair conditioner pump bottle. It made things a lot easier!)
  5. Hammer and Nails (optional)
  6. No Squirting Others Agreement (Even though it was washable paint, I didn’t want the boys to end up in an argument, so I made them sign a contract stating they would not squirt each other with the paint. Ahh, joyous motherhood!)
  7. Large Sheets of Drawing Paper and/or Canvas *Not included in picture*
  8. Paper Towels or Old Rags *Not included in picture*

Let’s Get This Madness Started!

Step One: Preparation

  1. The squirt guns came in a three pack, so the first thing we did was pick which three colors were going to be used. Red, Green, and Blue were the winners.
  2. Put a little bit more paint in the bottom of your shakers than in the picture below and fill halfway with water.Spray Gun Painting!!
  3. Shake up your mixture and squirt it into the squirt guns. One color per gun.
  4. Haul all children and supplies outside unless, of course, you’re very trusting and have an awesome drop cloth. 😉
  5. Lightly nail a piece of paper to a tree or use whatever kind of easel you can find. (No living trees were harmed in the making of this artwork. We only hit bark.)Squirt Gun Painting!!!
  6. Knowing my family, we chose trees apart from one another with a “neutral zone” in between.
  7. The guns were placed on the ground in the neutral zone or “cease fire zone” to be shared between the two.
  8. Let ‘Em At It!!!Squirt Gun Painting!!  Squirt Gun Painting!!  Squirt Gun Painting!!
  9. After we went through a few sheets of paper, I found the right water to paint ratio. Bringing out the paint and extra water saved me from going back inside for refills and adjustments. Unfortunately it was trial and error and I don’t have an exact measurement or picture for you. We had a leaky gun at the time of perfect chemistry which didn’t help in the quest for personal cleanliness or keeping my phone the same color it was when we went outside.

But Wait! There’s More!

We were having so much fun that none of us were quite ready for it to end. It was then that I retreated into the house for a surprise. I came out with a grin on my face and canvases to present to them behind my back. This part was where that thicker paint ratio became necessary.

The steps are the same as above, except we laid our canvases in the grass to avoid run off. If they weren’t impressed with how it was turning out, they simply moved the paint around with a paper towel and started over again. This technique ended up with some interesting layers.

Squirt Gun Painting!!

Squirt Gun Painting!!

Squirt Gun Painting!!

Ta Da!!!

Squirt Gun Painting!!!

Are You Ready For That Extra Twist?

Once we saw how fantastic these turned out, and I made one for myself, we knew we had to do something more to showcase our awesome work. That lightbulb above my head lightened the room and our canvases became backgrounds for acrylic paintings! Since we’ve all been a little bit obsessed with Pokémon lately, that’s the first thing that came to mind to paint on them.

Let’s move right along into those steps:

  1. Print out characters and cut around them closely with scissors. We used the 5×7 format size since we had 8×10 canvases and didn’t want to lose all of our background.Squirt Gun Painting!!!
  2. Place your cut out on your canvas to see where and how you’d like to positioned.Squirt Gun Painting!!!
  3. Trace your image in pencil onto the canvas. *Note: If you erase any of your pencil line, it will take the paint off of the background. Also, make sure to wipe all eraser shavings from the canvas or it will not allow the acrylic paint to stick.* I generally enjoy doing free hand when it comes to painting, but the kids felt a little more safe with a template to start with.Squirt Gun Painting!!!Squirt Gun Painting!!!
  4. Draw in any lines that you would like to make sure to remember. I skipped this step on mine, but I reminded the kids that sometimes when you start, you just GO! That can lead to forgetting color changes or where something like an arm is supposed to be positioned.
  5. Begin painting. We all had to use a few thin coats to make sure the background didn’t show through. Squirt Gun Painting!!!Squirt Gun Painting!!!
  6. Outline your design. W and L chose not to outline theirs, but I found it necessary to define different body parts that were the same color. When this is complete, so is your painting! Now all that’s left is to admire your work and find a place to hang them.

Squirt Gun Painting!!!   Squirt Gun Painting!!!   Squirt Gun Painting!!!


This one was a whole lot of fun! Every step ended up being a complete success!

Here is the site I had found on Pinterest that inspired the beginning parts of this project: Fireflies and Mudpies

I hope you enjoyed our little twist on this very fun project. I hope everyone has a great day!

*Pokémon or any of the Pokémon characters are not licensed to myself. They are property of Game Freak and their affiliates.





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