GO Server is Down! Quick! Do Crafts!

Don’t you just hate seeing this when you open your app?

Pokemon Go Necklace How To

Well, so do I! That is, of course, until I think of some other possibilities that allow me to Pokémon while I’m waiting to Pokémon. I’m going to do a series of crafting posts related to Pokémon. The bug has bit me hard! (Pun intended)

Pokeball Necklace!

Pokémon Go

One night I opened my app to see the server issue page. I was so geared up ready to go Pokémon hunting and then BAM, dreams demolished. What was I to do with all of this Pokémon fever? Make Pokeball necklaces of course! I searched through my craft supplies for anything that would inspire me. When it comes to craft supplies, I’m a bit of a hoarder. Not long ago, I purchased a kit containing a tool to punch holes in bottle caps. This kit came with the punch, a pair of split ring pliers, split rings, and plain bottle caps.  At the time, I already had the bottle caps I was going to use for the project in mind, so the plain bottle caps just became part of the mess.


I had already attempted to paint a storm trooper on one bottle cap and it ended in absolute failure. I wish I had pictures of all of my failures. That would make an awesome post. I’ll try to gather some or even …eek… try to recreate them. I figured, what the heck, I’ll try to paint them again and see how it goes. I used a round pounce sponge to apply the red and white, leaving a very small gap in between. I apparently forgot to take a picture before I painted the black stripe. Just imagine that isn’t there…

How to Make Your Own Pokeball Necklace

Ok, so now on to the black stripe. When the red and white dry, paint a black stripe with a small gap in the middle for the circle. Hey, I got that picture! Yay me!

How to Make Your Own Pokeball Necklace

At the very top of this picture are my two guinea pig Pokeballs. I didn’t want to waste my materials, so I did a couple to completion to make sure it would work. They show that circle in the middle I was talking about. While you have your liner brush out, make a black outline of a circle. Once the black paint dries, fill that little circle in with white paint. I did the black circle first so that I could fix the wavy outline at the end. My hand isn’t all that steady when trying to draw a perfect circle.

How to Make Your Own Pokeball Necklace

Next, I took that awesome punch tool I talked about and punched a hole above the red section, centered above the circle in the middle.

How to Make Your Own Pokeball Necklace

Now for the sealant. I used a clear, matte, acrylic spray to coat every pokeball. Who says junk mail is good for nothing?

How to Make Your Own Pokeball Necklace

Once dry, insert the split rings into the holes. This is easier said than done, but with a little perseverance, it can be mastered. The split ring tool comes in handy here, but if you don’t have one, a fingernail will work just fine.

How to Make Your Own Pokeball Necklace

Now that all of that is done, or while they are drying from the acrylic spray (I had several projects going at the same time, so my time management was a little off), measure out your chain. 24in and 18in are the two lengths I decided to use. I’m wearing the 18in in my picture. Put the little clasp ends that come with this type of chain and you’re ready to thread on the Pokeballs.

How to Make Your Own Pokeball Necklace

There they are, folks. Yes, I know the centers are not all the same diameter, but that just gives them character. Gotta know it’s homemade somehow, right?

But Wait! There’s More!

I couldn’t just leave these little guys hanging out in the wind, could I? Definitely not! I decided to add a little flair to some store bought bags.

How to Make Your Own Pokeball Necklace

For those of you who are just joining us in the Pokémon universe, you may not recognize this line. “Pokémon: I Choose You” was the name of the first episode of the first season of the anime series which hit the United States in 1998. I’m starting to feel old…

How to Make Your Own Pokeball Necklace

Yet another good use for that junk mail. Fold up a sheet of paper and put it into the bag to act as a barrier so you don’t end up staining the back, or your table. Once done with the first bag, the paper can act as your template so that you draw the letters in the same place each time.

How to Make Your Own Pokeball Necklace

Here they are in their pretty little bags. This simple written statement has been used by dorky gamers around Valentines day for over a decade, now. I’ve even seen pictures of a couple of engagements that started with a ring in a Pokeball and “I choose you” written in there. Ahh, sweet, dorky love.


How to Make Your Very Own Pokeball Necklace


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