Need Some Water While You’re on the (Pokémon) Go?

Pokémon Go has become so huge in such a short time. I’ve seen so many people walking around in the hot sun with one goal, to CATCH THEM ALL! While my server was down, I decided to make a water bottle holster to aid in keeping us all hydrated on our quests. Below is my pattern. If you use this pattern and decide to sell these, please link back to, or provide otherwise, my website. Thank you.

I’m new at writing patterns, so please bear with me.


St: Stitch

HDC: Half Double Crochet

BLO: Back Loop Only

Ch: Chain

DC: Double Crochet

SlSt: Slip Stitch

Materials Needed:

All Yarn is Worsted Weight Acrylic Yarn

  • Red
  • White
  • Black
  • Blue

I chose what shade of these colors I used by looking at the Pokémon Go Emblem

Size 5mm crochet Hook

Yarn Needle



  • White Yarn
    • Start with a Magic Circle, or Slip Stich and Chain Two (Whichever you prefer)
    • Ch 1
    • 8 HDC in circle (or in first chain)
    • Pull circle tight
    • Switch to black yarn in SlSt
  • Black Yarn
    • Ch 1
    • 2 HDC in each st around
    • Change to red yarn in SlSt
    • You now have 16 st
  • Red Yarn
    • Ch 2 (Will count as st) Double Crochet in same Stitch
    • 2 DC in each st for the next 7 stiches
    • You will now have a total of 16 red stiches
    • Change to White Yarn in last DC
  • White Yarn
    • 2 DC in next 8 st
    • You will now have a total of 16 White stitches to equal 32 for the round
    • Change to Blue Yarn in SlSt
  • Blue Yarn
    • 1 HDC in each st around
    • You have 32 st in this round
    • Change to White Yarn in SlSt

*Now would be a good time to snip the yarn of all colors except for the white and sew in your ends*

  • White Yarn
    • In BLO, single crochet in each st around
    • SlSt to close round
    • You still have 32 st and will keep this number for the rest of the rounds
    • Ch 1 at the beginning of every row and start on next st to maintain 32 st, close all rounds with SlSt
    • HDC in each st around for 8 more rounds
    • Switch to Black Yarn in SlSt
  • Black Yarn
    • Ch 1
    • HDC in each st  around
    • Change to red in SlSt
  • Red Yarn
    • Ch 1
    • HDC in each st around for 9 rows
    • Close all rounds with SlSt and ch 1 to begin next round
    • At the end of your last round, you may finish off if you would not like to add the strap
  • Shoulder Strap
    • I continued with the red yarn, but you can add in any color you want. Perhaps to match the color of your favorite Pokémon… Oooo. I just now came up with that last part! I know what I’m doing tonight!
    • Ch 2
    • DC in same st
    • DC in next 2 to 3 st (I made both and prefer the thinner strap consisting of 4 DC which includes the ch 2)
    • When you complete your last DC, ch 2 and turn
    • DC in same st and work back to the end (either the 2 or 3 more)
    • 84 rows makes my favorite length, but I have also made them longer. I suggest measuring a comfortable length for whoever you’re making this for to avoid it being too high or too low when worn.
    • The strap will have an uneven or zig-zag type edge. I like the way it looks for this project. It gives it a little funk!
    • To line up and attach it to the opposite side of the coozie, I fold the coozie in half with the start side centered, lay the straps on top of each other, and attach it there. I find folding instead of counting to be just as accurate since I am known to occasionally change my own gauge in the middle of a project by accident. If you’d like to be more technical, you can count anywhere from 10 to 13 stiches away from the other strap.
    • SlSt the front loops of the strap to the front loops of the coozie. Leave a long tail to sew in the back, all the way through, up, and down.
    • *I used this very secure way of sewing it together and couldn’t get it apart even when I tried. Why did I try, you ask? Well folks, because I forgot to get the twists out of the strap before connecting it. Learn from my mistakes, DO NOT text and crochet!*

Instead of breaking up the written pattern, I’ll put all of my very novice photos down here. I did skip a few steps in my pictures. I have to get in the habit of stopping at each new step to take one. Once I get to going, I just go. Hehe… “GO”

Pokemon Water Bottle Holster Crochet (2)

Joining in the black after first round of white

Pokemon Water Bottle Holster Crochet (3)

Joining in the second color of double crochet round

*Please follow the written pattern above, this picture was taken when I did the inverted Pokeball holster that I kept for myself. I oopsied on this one! White is supposed to be your second color on this round, not red.

Pokemon Water Bottle Holster Crochet (4)

Joining in the black. Half way there!

Pokemon Water Bottle Holster Crochet (5)

Joining in the red, the final color change, Woo Hoo!

Pokemon Water Bottle Holster Crochet (6)

Starting the shoulder strap. This is the thicker of the two I’ve made. My thinner strap has given me no troubles so far. It even survived the park and playground with three kids. J gives me the much appreciated excuse to ride the slides and swing on the swings. 🙂

Pokemon Water Bottle Holster Crochet (7)

Chain two before turning your work

Pokemon Water Bottle Holster Crochet (8)

Doesn’t that look awesome? Sorry for that gloating moment, but I’m rather proud of myself for figuring out this one. Now every time you take a drink, all of the other players at the Gym will know just how serious you take your game.

Pokemon Water Bottle Holster Crochet (9)

I haven’t had a problem of this one tipping over. I’ve gone through the trial and error so now you don’t have to!

Pokemon Water Bottle Holster Crochet (10)

Just hanging around, waiting to catch some Pokémon water.

P.S.-Please excuse the odd boarders on photos, I was trying out a new program and am still working out the kinks

I hope this will help keep you and/or your little trainers safe out there in the heat. Thanks for sticking around. Happy hunting!

If you’d like to purchase this item, I already have some made and here is the link to my Etsy Listing!


Pokemon Water Bottle Holster Free Crochet Pattern



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