10 Awesome Legend of Zelda Free Crochet Patterns


Welcome to Hyrule! Sorry, welcome to Confidently Clueless! I have pulled together 1o of the most awesome Legend of Zelda free patterns that I could find. After looking at these, I’m sure you’re either going to want to pull out a Nintendo or pull out some yarn. These patterns pull from several different games in the Legend of Zelda series. The images are not my own, but man do I wish I had made them all. They’re beautiful! I’d love to make every single one of these.


1.russm313’s Tri-Force Pillow on Instructables

Instructables Zelda Pillow

This Tri-Force pillow is made by using Tunisian crochet. The instructable includes a list of supplies needed, a video explaining how to do Tunisian crochet with a sample project (much needed in my case), a printable chart, and everything else you need to complete this particular project.

2. Just Be Crafty’s   Amigurumi Link

Amigurumi Link


3. Start them off right  with this absolutely adorable baby Link costume pattern by Happy Seamstress

Link Baby

Ok, so I cheated. This one is a knit pattern, not crochet. It was simply too cute to not include here. Just look at that adorable sleeping face and I’m sure you’ll forgive me.


4. Another Tunisian Crochet Pattern Expertly Done and Illustrated by russm313

russm313's Tunisian Wall Hanger

On this search, I am falling in love with Tunisian crochet. I’ll have to experiment a bit to see if it’s as easy as this gentleman makes it seem. Just so it’s known, I can over complicate simple addition. I will update this post as soon as I give this a shot.


5. Alligator Creator’s Tunisian Crochet Dice Bag

Tri Force Dice Bag

Yet another Tunisian Crochet pattern. I need to get on the ball here!


6. Ami Amour has a chick pattern that reminds us of a Cucco

Cucco like creature

Though this was not meant for a Zelda pattern, it does closely resemble the Cucco (chicken) from A Link From the Past


7. Nerdigurumi has this FANTASTIC playset pattern!

Legend of Zelda Toon Link Amigurumi

It’s poseable, it has accessories, and it is just downright AWESOME!! Included on her page are the instructions for making Link, his sword and sheath (yes the sword actually comes out of the sheath!), a pig, a red ChuChu, Link’s shield, and bomb. My son is looking over my shoulder at this one and he really, really wants it! Guess I know what he’s getting for Christmas! 🙂


8. Acolyte has added this pattern for a Deku Mask to the wealth of Ravelry

Deku Mask

Here we have Link’s Deku Mask from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Acolyte has also included a link to her time lapse video on YouTube right there on her Ravelry page.


9. Holland Morris has created this Navi pattern and shares it for free on Ravelry

navi_small_ copyright Holland Morris

This little fairy came in quite useful in the Ocarina of Time. Perhaps you can use this pattern as a guide for your very own crochet adventure.


10. Amiguru(mi) created this Link Hat

Link Hat

Because what is a post about Legend of Zelda crochet without a free pattern for Link’s hat?


I’ve had a lot of fun nerding out today. I hope you did too!

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Happy Hooking!









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